Film Por Vida is a photography print exchange program founded by Jai Tanju of San Jose, California. Miles exchanged dozens of prints with photographers from around the world.  He exchanged many photographs with Carson Lancaster, Ted Trager, Whiskey on Instagram, Colin Sussingham, Craig Lundon, Adam Dorobiala, Emily Flores, Tim Pigott, Jason Bash, Lauren Paljusaj, Sam Milianta, and Christine Fedor. Ted and Chris are among many FPV participants who continue to keep in touch and send us occasional photographs. I sent out prints to many of Miles's contacts asking that they keep in touch.

In August 2015, I asked dozens of Film Por Vida contributors to send prints to Miles at his home address so that we can show them at the Pajama Factory show in December.  Miles's address is 26 S. Front St. Lewisburg, PA 17837 USA.